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Best Value Kitchen Knife Set


  • Perfectly balanced for ease of use.
  • Effortlessly glide through food offering precision and mastery with each cut.
  • Won’t oxidize your food and turn brown as fast.
  • Non-stick surface, foods don’t cling while chopping.
  • Luxurious magnetic gift box, and ideal gift for birthday, wedding, anniversary, mom, dad, wife, husband and amateur cooks.
  • Lightweight, easy carrying
  • Compliant with SGS, FDA and LFGB standards.

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HCGS201 Set
3” Paring Knife P2W03 \ Ceramic Peeler HP1
Packaging DetailMagnetic Gift Box + Flocking Plastic
Packing Size:209x130x32 mm
Set Gross Weight: 0.21 kgs
Packing: 68 sets/ctn
Carton Size: 590x440x275 mm
Gross Weight: 15.4 kgs

HCGS403 Set

5” Slicing Knife P5W05 \ 4” Utility Knife P5W04 \ 3” Paring Knife P5W03 \ Ceramic Peeler HP2
Packaging DetailMagnetic Gift Box + EVA Foam
Packing Size:330x200x40 mm
Set Gross Weight: 0.42 kgs
Packing:20 sets/ctn
Carton Size:440x370x420 mm
Gross Weight:10.0 kgs

HCGS602 Set

6” Chef Knife P4W06 \ 6” Slicing Knife P4W65 \ 5” Slicing Knife P4W05
4” Utility Knife P4W04 \ 3” Paring Knife P4W03 \ Ceramic Peeler HP1
Packaging DetailMagnetic Gift Box + EVA Foam
Packing Size:330x320x33 mm
Set Gross Weight:0.90 kgs
Packing: 10 sets/ctn
Carton Size: 350x350x360 mm
Gross Weight:11.1 kgs
  • Wash the knife after each single use, preferably by hand with a mild detergent and do not wash it in the dishwasher.
  • Be used on silicone, wooden, plastic or bamboo cutting boards only.
  • No pry, flexing, violent chopping, or boning.
  • Do not use the side of blade to smash anything such as garlic, herbs, spices etc.
  • No heat or shock.
  • Do not use your hand to test the hardness of the blade.
  • Keep it in safely and keep away from children.
  • Do not attempt to sharpen the ceramic knife yourself unless you have access to